Integrated Communication Solutions

With the rapid pace of business communications evolving daily, 3rdevent offers a comprehensive communication solution packaged to deliver complete management of conferencing desktop faxing, eMarketing, notification and document delivery.

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Communication challenges?

  • conferencing
  • desktop faxing
  • eMarketing
  • notification & reminders
  • document delivery


From our world-class support to our premium test environment, we offer:

  • SAS 70, Type II service certification
  • ITIL management standards
  • Secure testing environment
  • Global network systems

Hardware and Software Independence

  • Avoid costly hardware purchases or upgrades and software maintenance
  • Access the applications you need from any networked computer
  • Get your employees up and running in less timeReduce related IT costs

On-Demand, Multitenant Architecture

  • Experience unmatched stability and maximum up-time
  • Receive updates, upgrades and fixes automatically, and for free
  • Focus IT resources on innovation — not maintenance

All of this amounts to tremendous savings in total cost of ownership. But TCO is just the beginning. Integrate with your business databases to automate repetitive tasks, cut extra steps and transform your business.

In a Word, Predictable

More and more companies are switching to on-demand applications for better cost predictability. Our services are on-demand and subscription-based, allowing you to more effectively manage your cost structures and focus ongetting things done.

And, because the solution is supported by our global, enterprise-class infrastructure, you get the consistent uptime you expect.