Integrated Communication Solutions

On-demand is more than a strategy for adopting next-generation communications. It's also a concrete way to lower costs and improve your bottom line.

Enhance Your Bottom Line

As your communications partner, we give you more than just world-class communication. We offer innovative software-as-a-service applications to help you grow...more

  • A comprehensive portfolio of communications products
  • Multiple means to reach your employees & customers
  • Powerful standalone or integrated applications

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Conferencing (Large Event)

We offer scalable communications tailored for your organization. Get easy access for large get-togethers. Combining proven audio technology with award-winning call support, it's never been easier to plan, organize and manage full-featured web events all under one roof.

Our experienced centers offer instant passcode entry instead of time-consuming operator-assisted screening. Automated access lets large groups join your event with a single dial-in number, passcode and PIN (Personal Identification Number). You'll cut wait times, speed up caller identification and get big events started faster. You'll get dedicated support for your call!

That's right, an actual live person. A dedicated Event Manager handles all your requested services before, during and after your meeting. And event hosts and participants get personalized help with troubleshooting, Q&A, sub-conferencing and polling from start to finish. Our virtual conferencing auditorium includes a professional announcer to kick off the call with scripted meeting and speaker introductions.

A Hush Falls Over the Crowd ...

Because our virtual auditorium enables hosts to mute participant lines, you can be sure your HR announcements, employee training, investor relation and sales seminars are communicated clearly, without interruption.

Desktop Faxing

Get with the future of faxing. Our high-speed/high-volume global network eliminates the hassle, costs and inefficiencies of fax machines. Fax directly from your inbox. Get internet fax technology with the convenience of email. Our Desktop Fax solution converts faxes into electronic files that you can send, receive, digitize and archive in your email inbox. With our Fax2Mail, you can enjoy unlimited digital faxing capabilities and fast, secure delivery.

Print Any File, Anytime, Anywhere

Make the most of your mobile office. With Fax2Mail Mobile you can print anything from your PDA — even your calendar — to the nearest fax machine. No extra hassle or hardware required.

Get our Fax2Mail Mobile FREE with all Fax2Mail annual plans to print on the fly wherever work takes you.


Your Secret Weapon: Strategy

From solo start-ups to the Fortune 500, our experts have helped all types of organizations make good marketing even better. Find out which of our bundled Email Maintenance, Email Maintenance PLUS, or Monthly Strategy Management packages fits your needs best.

Professional Results with Point & Click Simplicity. Get going fast with powerful email tools for the aspiring marketer. Accelerator Pro makes it easy to create, send and organize narrow-cast email marketing like an expert. Best of all, our simple interface includes automated reporting. You can see detailed information on the fly — so you spend less time debating results and more time taking action.

Optimize for the inbox. Our specialists show you how to design messages for email and mobile campaigns that increase conversion rates.

Notification & Reminders

Find out how Notifications & Reminders can help you solve business problems and simplify processes by automating key communications.

Dispatch Manager - Customers who miss appointments cost companies millions of dollars every year. If your company dispatches mobile workers who are greeted by no-show appointments, you can benefit from our Automated Dispatch Manager.

Automated Staff Communications - Business communications have never been easier. Whether you have a small regional business or an international company, you can send instant communications to your entire staff with Notifications & Reminders.

Automated staff communications give your staff more time to serve customers and grow business.

Enhance the way you work:

  • Manage staff communications centrally
  • Reduce back-and-forth communications
  • Increase collaboration between departments and vendors
  • Decrease costs with one centralized system

Deliver automatic messages:

  • Schedule changes
  • Company-wide messages
  • Change in policy notifications
  • Department communications

Document Delivery

Mass-distribute digital documents through a single platform, 24/7. Paperless Solutions for Offices of Every Size

You don't have to be a big business to see big improvements. End-to-end document solutions can help any business stay ahead of customer expectations and the competition. Electronic document delivery minimizes the paper-based processes that weigh down corporate resources, workflows and budgets.

"Eliminating paper delivery of our customer account statements saved up to 75% in processing costs." — Sovereign Bank

Our solution energizes any existing network with bandwidth on demand. A single web-based interface handles automated voice, text, encrypted email and fax delivery streams. Dozens of web-based reporting mechanisms make it easier than ever to manage sensitive inbound and outbound data.

Paperless Automation - Help your in-house tech team achieve...

  • Faster delivery
  • Tighter security
  • Lower costs