Onstream Media Solutions

Driving Leads - Creating Success

Webinars are one of the most powerful, proven and cost-effective ways to quickly
drive leads into the hands of your salesforce. Dollar for dollar, there’s no better alternative
to fill your sales pipeline, qualify prospects and accelerate your sales cycle.

3rdevent media services are committed to customer success. Partnerships with leading consulting firms help our customers quickly implement many of their application services and successfully adapt it to their specific business needs. We provide a complete solution on integrating streaming solutions into your website complete with SEM / SEO (Search Engine Marketing / Optimization) solutions.

Advanced Lead Generation Webinars

Drive leads into the hands of your sales force prior to the webinar to accelerate the sales cycle. Then, use lead scoring so sales can prioritize and follow-up with your best propsects first. Optimize each successive webinar to improve results for the next event.

  • Full service - driven by a dedicated event team
  • Custom registration to discover ideal prospects
  • Multiple email communications create selling opportunities prior to the live event
  • Event reminders including link to Outlook calendar to increase attendance
  • Live event platform including slides, polls
  • Q&A deliver a high-quality, interactive event
  • Audio or Video streaming including full production for a high impact at a low cost
  • Speaker rehearsal and training
  • On-demand replay and event CD
  • Real-time registrant data and ROI metrics

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Webcast (video & audio streaming)

Use an easy video management platform that gives you control over the delivery, organization, analytics, and monetization of your online videos and stream over the Internet. Let us guide you through a step by step implementation of "Live" streaming and webcast solutions.

We provide a comprehensive communication and marketing solution for corporate broadcasts over the web extending as your professional team.

Whether you're looking to reach thousands for an investor relation or media broadcast to archived webcasts, our experience and architecture is designed to exceed your expectations.

Experienced professionals handle all advance planning,
including on-site preparation, Internet connectivity, camera crews, lighting, audio systems and much more. On event day, our technicians handle every aspect of the production, from preparing the video and audio crews...to signal acquisition...then encoding the data... to streaming the content to your online audience over the Internet.

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