Lead Generation Webinar Workflow

To learn more about 3rdevent's best practices and recommendations for improving your lead generation webinar results with onstream media.

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• HTML page with all event copy, images, branding, and registration link
• Multiple versions to test messaging
• Option to have Onstream send the invites including opt-outs and tracking of opens, bounces, and click-throughs


• Custom fields to learn about prospect buying intentions, pain points, and role in the purchase cycle
• Generates the data used in lead scoring to identify ideal prospects

Lead scoring

• Driven primarily by answers to registration questions
• Assigns each registrant a score so sales people can prioritize and follow-up the best leads first
• Based on your criteria for qualifying a good lead

Confirmation email

• Triggered upon registration
• Event date, time, description, login and any dial-in instructions
• Link to book event in Outlook calendar
• Contact Link - to engage sales
• Download related Whitepapers, PDFs, etc.

Sales engagement letter

• Plain text email that thanks registrants and solicits feedback from them about issues related to webinar topic
• Creates potential to engage a prospect in the sales cycle prior to the event
• Helps discover what your audience is interested in learning
• Typical response rate is 20-25% of registrants

Reminder email

• Triggered at time set by you, usually day before or morning of event
• Event date, time, and description
• Login and any dial-in instructions
• Link to book event in Outlook calendar
• Contact Link - to engage sales

Live event platform

• Custom branded audience player with no downloads or plugins required
• Presenters only need a browser and telephone
• Slides, polls, surveys, and moderated Q&A
• Streaming audio and/or video
• Phone bridge option
• Presenter rehearsal and training
• On-demand replay and CD master of webinar

Post event emails

• One email to those who attended
• One email to those who did not attend
• Link to view on-demand archive of webinar
• Contact Link - to engage sales

Registrant metrics

• All registration data
• Lead score
• Poll responses
• Survey responses
• Any questions asked during live event and if and how they were answered
• Who attended
• Who did not
• How long did they listen and watch
• Available in real time
• Delivered as master Excel sheet

Webinar Metrics – Examples:

• What list provided most A leads
• What pain points (as reflected by registration question) drove my most A leads
• What message was most effective
• How many A leads for Webinar 1 vs.Webinar 2
• Available as raw data or in charts
• Available for single event or aggregate for multiple webinars

CRM Integration

Either batch or real-time importation of registrant data into
your CRM system. Optional service.