Call Center Services

Inbound Remote Answering Services

3rdevent offers services for your remote answering needs as an inexpensive and affordable solution. Set up multiple voicemail boxes stemming from your main outbound recorded message. As customers leave messages, receive an email or SMS alert where you can check your messages from an internet browser anywhere around the world.

The Best in Inbound Live Call Center Services

3rdevent’s call center combines the latest technology with exceptional customer service to give you the only answer you need for call center management. Take a look at what our call center services can do for you.

Unparalleled Call Center Outsourcing and Call Center Management

Our call center utilizes the most up-to-date call-routing software and Voice Over IP (VOIP) technology to integrate traditional call centers with all the benefits the internet can provide. 3rdevent’s call monitoring and call routing, as well as voicemail delivery via email, mean that your call center operations can be managed securely and efficiently.

For those customers who anticipate a high volume of calls being sent to their call center outsourcing solution, 3rdevent’s systems can closely monitor call flow and call details. This allows us to provide a scalable architecture to ensure that calls going to your call center are given the attention they deserve. With 3rdevent, you get the best in call center management services and call center customer service practice.

Using both Linux and Windows platforms, 3rdevent’s Java-enabled call center uses redundant servers to deliver reliable uptime capabilities. Our high-tech infrastructure sets us apart from other call centers.

Outstanding Call Center

3rdevent’s call center representatives are trained customer service specialists. To create seamless and transparent call center integration, our operators can answer the phone in your company name, treating your callers as if they have reached your front office directly.

3rdevent provides call center services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. We can handle your call center overflow during the day and provide backup after hours, when your staffing levels are lower.

As your call center outsourcing solution, 3rdevent can help you address the needs of customers who reside in multiple time zones, or those who simply wish to contact you outside of normal operating hours. The bottom line: When your customers dial our call center, 3rdevent’s live operators can be there to take their calls.

Outstanding Telephone Answering

At 3rdevent, our goal is to provide the best in telephone answering services. We have integrated state-of-the-art technology with excellent customer service to give you an industry-leading nationwide phone answering service. For exceptional telephone answering services customized to fit your business, turn to 3rdevent.

Phone Answering Service wiith Customer Satisfaction

3rdevent’s telephone answering service can provide basic message taking, service dispatching, or medical answering, making it a live phone answering service that’s able to handle your customers with professional care. Friendly operators at our telephone answering service can take your clients’ information and deliver it directly to you, using a variety of available delivery options.

We realize that your calls are vital to the success of your business, and they are vital to us as well. 3rdevent’s operators can treat your callers as if they were our own. Our goal is to make them feel as though they’ve reached your front office, providing a seamless and transparent telephone answering service solution.

At 3rdevent, we believe that the employees at our live phone answering service differentiate our phone answering services from others in the marketplace. Our professional operators are a key reason why you should choose 3rdevent as your complete telephone answering service solution.

Our Technology Leads the Telephone Answering Service Industry

3rdevent’s advanced technology sets us apart from other telephone answering services. Using web-integrated telephone answering service technology, information that you provide can appear on our operators’ telephone answering service screens with specific instructions on handling your incoming calls.

Operators at our telephone answering service can take messages, page your on-call staff, and interact with your clients to your tailored specifications. 3rdevent’s telephone answering services are high-tech and flexible, giving you phone answering services that can fit your needs.

Our phone answering services use staffing practices that focus on attracting highly skilled phone answering service professionals, many with college degrees and technical knowledge.

The bottom line: Don’t continue to miss your customers’ calls when your lines are busy or when your office is closed. Turn to 3rdevent’s phone answering service to provide your office with the best in phone answering services.