International MLS for Realtors

We help REALTOR® associations and MLSs deliver new value to their members by expertly translating their listings into 13 languages. Our professional translators and proprietary technology open doors to new markets and new opportunites.

International IDX Alliance' combines expert translation and powerful technology to help real estate professionals market properties worldwide.

An increasing number of US portals are ‘internationalising’ their content by adding new languages to their website to appeal to as many international buyer markets as possible.

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We can now provide international listings with a technology company that expertly translates online real estate listings into thirteen languages, today announced the launch of the International IDX Alliance, an online exchange for real estate professionals worldwide to share and market each others' properties. The Alliance -- which seizes opportunities presented by an increasingly global real estate market fueled by the Internet, a weak U.S. Dollar and the growing demand for second homes -- launched with two major American REALTOR(R) associations representing over 14,000 real estate professionals and French FNAIM, which represents over 1,700 estate agents in Paris and surrounding areas. Alliance membership is open to real estate associations, MLS organizations, brokers and agents.

If you're a realtor looking to reach a global audience, look no further as our professional team will create a website with the ability to reach an audience in 13 languages.

Alliance participation is straightforward. Members provide our team with a feed of their listings, which are then translated into thirteen languages using a proprietary system, which combines technology with human translators.

  • Translated listings are fed into the Alliance listing exchange platform
  • Realtors pick the international listings they wish to display on their Website, in the native language

For example, an agency in Paris may choose to display properties from Miami, Florida -- in French -- while an American broker may in turn elect to display French listings on their Website, in English. Contact information is only to the displaying party, no matter where the listing originated.

"In the Florida market, over 65% of Realtors(R) made sales to International buyers last year," said Teresa King Kinney, CEO of the REALTOR(R) Association of Greater Miami and the Beaches, a founding Alliance member. "We have worked with Immobel to translate our listings for more than seven years and now the International IDX Alliance puts our members' listings in the hands of professionals worldwide who can deliver qualified buyers. Likewise, by showing foreign listings to domestic buyers, our members have a new opportunity for outbound referrals. The decision for us to participate was an easy one to make -- it's just good business."

The International IDX Alliance Foundation promotes the international trade in real estate through qualified real estate professionals. Immobel, the leading translator of online real estate listings, was founded ten years ago by Janet Choynowski, an American citizen who built a successful real estate brokerage business in Poland at the end of the Cold War. Over 60 MLS organizations and REALTOR(R) Associations use Immobel's translation service.

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