Courseware Benefits at a Glance

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Web-Based Administration - As with the user interface, the administration of the LMS is also completely HTML-based. New courses, accounts, departments and students can be administered from an Internet connection anywhere in the world, using any standards-compliant browser.

Fast Execution - Since the LMS is based on Microsoft's Active Server Page (ASP) technology, you can expect great performance on NT-based systems running Internet Information Server (IIS). ASP technology reduces server load and allows servers to support more users.

Extensibility - Look and feel can be customized to meet your needs. Since all code is HTML or ASP-based, the LMS can be infinitely modified or changed to support unique mission requirements.

Licensing Fees - Intra-company deployment with NO per server or per user licensing fees. Development customers who purchase three or more hours of runtime, receive the LMS for FREE.

Multiple Target Audiences - Multiple custom interface looks can be created to support a student population of employees, customers and suppliers. This allows LMS customers to personalize the experience for multiple audiences while hosting only a single LMS application on the network.

Customization - The LMS graphics (look and feel) can be changed or replaced to match your corporate standards for Intranet or Internet design. That means your online university will blend in seamlessly with the rest of the site.

Fast Downloading - Our LMS is ASCII text-based and requires only minimal server bandwidth when compared to Java-based applications. This means two things: you can support more concurrent users and your users will have a more enjoyable experience.

Compatibility - Based on HTML 4, the LMS requires no plugins. The only equipment needed is a standard browser. Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.X and Netscape Navigator 4.X or greater are required.

Connecting New Courseware - The LMS will track SCORM and AICC (HAPC) Level I compliant courseware from any vendor.