Courseware Development

Whether you decide to use our state of the art learning management system or simply need to design interactive training content for your existing LMS, our professional team can help.

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How do we do it?

By using a proven process that consistently yields training that gets the job done right the first time. Each course is created to engage students in such a way as to change their behavior and store the training experience in long-term memory.  

We do this through fun interactive learning exercises, simulations and role-plays that help you practice and learn. Changing behaviors and affecting long-term memory cannot be done with passive slides and lectures. It takes effort from experienced professionals to create training that results in performance improvement. Imagine - online training that is fun and improves performance.

Organizations with dispersed personnel and customers have unique custom training needs. 3rdevent meets these training needs by:

• Delivering custom online training products for use on the Internet/Intranet, LAN/WAN and CD-ROM

• Developing culturally sensitive custom online training products in multiple languages

• Allowing globally-based customers, subject matter experts and members of the target student population to collaborate with us during the development process to ensure it is done right the first time.

Clients managed under these services span many commercial industries, military and government organizations. Our customers look to us to provide custom online training development services and education through our Co-Development Program. As of 2004, services have been provided for over 400 commercial and government entities.

Industry Partnerships or Teaming Agreements to Produce Custom Online Training:
Global-eze, Inc.- International Business Process & Training Experts
Dynamic Science, Inc. - Research, Engineering & Technical Services
Base Technologies, Inc.- Information Technology Services
General Services Administration (GSA) - a Multiple Award Contract Holder

Our team consists of a seasoned staff of full time professional employees including instructional designers, illustrators, animators, graphic designers, web programmers, multimedia programmers and application developers.